SPRU South Africa

Dried Spirulina

Humans have consumed dry spirulina ground into powder since the beginning of humankind.

This natural superfood was found growing in alkaline waters in many regions of the world, and humans quickly discovered the fantastic nutrition is offered.

As they had no refrigeration spirulina was harvested in nets or baskets and dried for preservation.

Living Spirulina

Living spirulina is 3 to 4 times more absorbable so offers far higher levels of nutrition than dry —and includes many vitamins and nutrients destroyed in drying and storage.

It is one of the world's best sources of absorbable iron and is packed with anti-oxidants, active enzymes and contains almost all nutrients our body needs to thrive.

Bio-reactor Grown Spirulina

Most spirulina is grown in open air ponds or raceways in which spirulina can absorb contaminants from impure impure water, rain and airborne pollution — as well as fouling by animals, birds and insects.

SPRU spirulina is grown in sealed bioreactors using only food grade and chemically pure nutrients — you get biologically pure spirulina of the highest nutritional value.

SPRU Technology

SPRU living spirulina is grown with technology developed by LIVEYOUNGER Institute especially for the development of a worldwide network of spirulina farms providing communities with a locally grown source of fresh high-protein superfood.

Sustainable Superfood

Spirulina is an ancient cyanobacteria that has grown on earth for 3.5 billion years.

It is at the bottom of the food chain and uses photosynthesis to convert CO2, minerals and light into oxygen, protein and nutrients. It existed long before plants and animals evolved on earth.

Compared to beef, spirulina farming produces oxygen and uses 200 times less land and 218 times less water to produce protein.

Sustainable Farming

Heal Your Health is committed to sustainable farming practices.

We grow in high efficiency closed bioreactors:

  • There is no use of arable land so no pressure on forests or wild places
  • We use very little water and no fertiliser
  • We use solar electricity in production and hope to transition to 100% solar soon
  • Spirulina have no roots, branches or leaves - the entire organism is eaten so there is no wastage
  • We produce and deliver locally to minimise environmental impact
  • We are committed to reducing plastic usage:- we use reusable 100% recycled plastic containers for our new 'no packaging' sticks; our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper; please return our insulation boxes and shot bottles for reuse recycling!

Heal Your Health

Heal Your Health is a South African company dedicated to helping people improve their health and wellbeing by offering healthy natural alternatives to unhealthy popular foods.

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