Fresh Living Spirulina is a powerful functional superfood shown by scientific research to help naturally enhance performance, endurance and recovery in athletes. 


Fresh living Spirulina is a pure functional superfood — not a supplement — with the highest concentration of natural living & bioavailable antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals available.
 Daily SPRU provides complete protein (all essential amino acids) plus other important amino acids, as well as omega 3, 6 and GLA fatty acids that your body needs to boost your athletic performance.

Boost Your Performance, Endurance & Recovery

A top American sport coach explains the science — how fresh living Spirulina boosts athletic performance, endurance and recovery. 
This is a must-watch video for serious athletes.
The SP2 company referenced is an Israeli/US supplier of fresh Spirulina.

Fat Loss & Performance Benefits of Raw Spirulina (food not powder)

I want you to forget everything that you have ever heard about Spirulina. 
I want you to forget everything that you know. 
See, most of what you have heard about Spirulina talks about it in a supplement form. Now that's all fine and dandy, okay? It's not bad in its supplement form, you still get the chlorophyll side of things, you still get the detoxification process, but what I want to talk about today is Spirulina in its raw food form. 
I'm talking literally like eating algae. I mean, not literally going to the pond and scraping algae off and eating it, but essentially eating Spirulina in its raw state, where it can elicit some pretty darn powerful effects. 
Now you're probably thinking it's going to taste absolutely terrible but when you hear me out and I reference some of those studies that show you exactly how much fat loss can occur and how much in the way of performance increase you can expect, you're going to absolutely be blown away. 

The study that I want to reference was published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. It took a look at the effects of Spirulina supplementation in exercise in nine moderately trained males. 
So these are people that have done a little bit of exercise but they're not super athletes. These subjects were recreational runners that had trained for at least a year and they trained for at least a couple times per week, usually 45 minutes per session. 
Now each of these subjects received either spirulina or a placebo for about four weeks, and each subject ended up running on a treadmill for an intensity that was about 70 to 75% of their VO2 max and they did this for about two hours and then again 95% of their VO2 max all the way to exhaustion. 
Now what they ultimately found was absolutely crazy. 
Researchers ended up finding that the time to fatigue after the two-hour run was significantly longer after Spirulina supplementation, 68 minutes versus 79 minutes in the Spirulina group. 

Now what's even more impressive was that ingestion of Spirulina also ended up decreasing carb oxidation by 10.3% and increased fat oxidation by 10.9% during the two-hour run. 
What that means is that the body used less carbs and burned more fat by a significant degree just by having this algae in the mix
Now furthermore something that is known as thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, yes, I know it's a mouthful, but we'll refer to it as T-bars, those levels increased after exercise after the placebo group but not the spirulina group
Now to give you some context, T-bars are by products of what's called lipid peroxidation. 
Spirulina supplementation ended up weakening the exercise-induced increase in lipid peroxidation. 
I know I sound crazy but all that really means is that spirulina was able to clean up the efficiency of fat utilization, making it a lot easier for the body to use fat and a little bit more difficult for the body to use carbs. 

Now these increases in performance that we talked about can happen for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is the fact that raw algae form spirulina contains something known as phycocyanins. 
See what these phycocyanins do is exactly what we talked about in that study. They help the body utilize more fat and a little bit less carbs
They help the body preserve more in the way of carbohydrates and use more in the way of fats. 
Now what this means essentially is that when we look at how the body uses fat, we have a set number of molecules that the body will burn and a set number of molecules that the body will calculate as waste. 

So to make it really simple here’s a hypothetical example. Lets say – for example – that you have 10 unit of fat that can be used for energy. 
Normally, when you’re going through any metabolic process, of those 10 units 5 units will be burned for energy and five units of fat that go through lipid peroxidation and turn into waste and don’t even get utilized. 
In the instance of adding Spirulina into the mix, we can expect the hypothetical number to be 8 or 9 units used for energy and one or two used as waste. 
That’s what I mean when I say it cleans up the efficiency of fat utilization

But then, when it allows carbs to stay in the muscle, it allows the body to have more performance over a longer period of time. 
Because what’s happening is that now the body can use fat as the fuel source for the duration of the activity, but only tap into the stored carbohydrates when absolutely necessary for extreme wattage or extreme output, meaning you’re not exhausting all your carbs right at the gate then falling on your face. 

Your body has an alternative mechanism now by using fat – so you use fat for the bulk of the workout then your body uses carbs only when you’re pushing it at maximum intensity

Now the other thing we need to look at is the linoleic acid content
Normally when you’re looking at Spirulina we don’t have a lot of linoleic acid because of the way it’s been put in a powder form. 
The linoleic acid in a raw form is really really powerful, and linoleic acid helps the liver convert more fat into energy. If you’re on a ketogenic diet or a low carb diet you know how important the liver is for creating ketones and converting fat into energy. 

So this is a very important thing when it comes down to Spirulina…[Its important to understand that fresh Spirulina is actually a raw food rather than a dried powder. While the powder delivers chlorophyll and some nutrients, the drying process can destroy the performance attributes like linoleic acid and phycocyanin that you want.] 

You might also be thinking that Spirulina in a raw algae form is going to taste like – well, raw algae. 
Well, here’s the thing. Normally what ends up happening, and when you get it in a supplement form it tastes bad is because it oxidises
But in fresh Spirulina that’s quickly flash frozen at source, you don’t have that problem, you don’t have the oxidation occurring – so the oxygen isn’t reacting with the very fragile algae and isn’t making it taste bad. 
When it’s truly in its pure form it doesn’t taste bad – that’s why you can eat fresh Spirulina with a spoon, or you can mix it in yoghurt and its has practically no taste. In fact, it has a really smooth texture

So, it’s a way to get all the performance benefits of Spirulina without the nasty swampy taste [of dried powder]. 
Well, all performance stuff aside, fresh spirulina has some amazing attributes when it comes down to just general health and recovery in the first place. 
You see spirulina is literally the highest protein content food on the planet. It has the most abundant amino acid profile of any food that exists. 

Now I know you’re not going to be eating copious amounts of Spirulina, but the fact is gram for gram Spirulina is so high in all the amino acids you need for proper recovery you’re literally looking at the best food when it comes down to initiating recovery, which again is another reason it boosts performance so much. 
It can help you recover not only at a micro level minute to minute, but at a macro level day over day so you can get back in the gym, get back on the track, get back on the field as fast as you possibly can. 

Credit: SP2 Fresh Frozen Spirulina

Links to the research studies referenced in the video: 

Fresh Spirulina Testimonials

In 4 short videos, athletes and coaches explain how daily fresh Spirulina has helped them do better. 
They refer to an Israeli/US fresh living Spirulina brand called SP2.
Ultra Runner Amanda Basham: 

Females tend to have a hard time with iron. 
I’ve been running for ten years and had that problem for the entire ten years. 
I started taking fresh Spirulina two weeks before the Western State 100 mile endurance run. 
I had my blood tested the day after Western State and 5 days after Western State and my ferritin levels had doubled. 
I’m crediting it totally to Fresh Spirulina because I’ve tried a million things and it just never happened.

Ultra Runner Amanda Basham has tried everything over the past decade to increase the amount of iron in her blood supply to no avail. 
When she started taking fresh Spirulina things immediately began to change and her ferritin count doubled. 
 With this new supply of nutrients and iron fueling her season, she looks forward to stronger race performances. 

Credit: SP2 Fresh Frozen Spirulina 
Optimal Performance and Fitness with Coach Cater and Alpha Project: 

Nutrition is very important fir reaching optimal fitness and performance. 
We’ve just started using fresh Spirulina in our training program. 
For the last 20 years I’ve been a strength conditioning coach – everything from pro rugby to currently professional baseball. 
We can train hard, I can prescribe a training program, but if the athlete is not recovering well then that’s really the X factor in high level performance. 
Frozen Spirulina is great for a couple of reasons: 
One – it delivers the micronutrients we’re really not getting in our diet. 
Also, on the macro level we’re getting some of the proteins that we need to really thrive and repair the muscle. 
It’s part of a system we’re using not just a nutritional supplement. 
I’m trying to provide a product in the gym that’s sustainable. 
I don’t want my athletes breaking down, I want my athletes to be progressing in a comprehensive manner for a long period of time and I want to be aligned with products and a system that is sustainable. 

Coach Paul Carter owns and runs The Alpha Project, a strength and conditioning facility based in Salinas, CA that works with Major League Baseball players. 
The Alpha Project focuses on sports performance, corporate wellness, alpha nutrition, and alpha leadership by using a science-based approach so that their clients can meet their individualized goals. 
When the Alpha Project added SP2 Fresh Spirulina cubes to their training/ nutrition programs he noticed great benefits. 
The difference in the energy and focus level is substantial, there’s a significant decrease in recovery time after long training days, and time to fatigue is increases significantly. 

Credit: SP2 Fresh Frozen Spirulina 
Pro Cyclist Hanna Muegge:

The Sea Otter Classic circuit race is super hard. 
You go up this crucial climb over and over again for 60 minutes. 
Being on Fresh Spirulina really gave me that edge to recover. 
It’s brought my heartrate down. 
That enables me to do more for longer duration, and then on the critical moment outstrip my competition and finish first. 

In the brief span of four years, Hanna “Moogy” Muegge made the improbable leap from German National Team basketball player, to Pro-level cyclist. 
Her journey to the bike is the result of perseverance, determination, and the discovery of natural talent.
Hanna is now focused on winning a National title and finding her place on the German National Team. 

Credits:, SP2 Fresh Frozen Spirulina 

Pro Cyclist Cameron Piper: 

Racing at this level means I’m training a lot of time. 
I’ve been taking fresh Spirulina for the last 4 months. 
The biggest benefit I’ve seen is from my recovery times from really hard training sessions. 
It’s very important at the end of the race that you’re still able to put out the power you need. 
Taking fresh Spirulina definitely gave me the edge to win and that’s what happened on Friday.

Cameron Piper, a former triathlete and national Time Trial Champion works a 40 to 80 hour week for Specialised Bicycle Components and still finds time to train and maintain a Pro cycling career. 
As a pro cyclist with team illuminate, has won the tour of Taiwan, 4th at the Belgian Waffle Ride, and the Sea Otter Classic. 

Credits: The Vegan Cyclist, SP2 Fresh Spirulina  

Daily Spirulina in Sports & Fitness



Phytonutrients in living Spirulina cause your body to utilise fat during exercise so carbs are retained and available for power bursts – cresting a hill, the final rep, or before the finish line. This means increased total power output and a new ability to call on untapped reserves when you need it most. 


boosts endurance

Living Spirulina’s bioavailable iron (95% absorption v. 10% for most supplements) means more ferritin and hemoglobin so more oxygen is carried to muscles which means significantly longer before you tire or your performance crashes. Time to fatigue is significantly longer in people who take Spirulina regularly. 



Living Spirulina’s powerful antioxidants, immune-boosters and anti-inflammatories reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and muscle damage for faster recovery. These work synergistically with the living omegas, vitamins, minerals and proteins for record-fast recovery. 



Science shows that Living Spirulina must be taken daily for maximum benefit. Read the SPRU Portion Guide to find the right portion for you – this will vary depending on your training routine, and whether you're training for or participating in major events.